Flash Appeal


The Flash Appeal (FA) should be issued three to five days (latest) after a large-scale sudden onset crisis. Its purpose is to present an initial planning framework that sets the direction for emergency response operations and outlines initial funding requirements. The document reflects the collective understanding of priority needs, what must be done to meet them, priority actions, who is implementing the response, and approximately how much funding is required. The activities of the Flash Appeal are typically planned for 90 days and can be rolled over to an Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) followed by an Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), if appropriate.

IM Input/Task

Provide support in the identification of priority needs and actions, assist in the data collection and analysis, and provide graphs, map and figures. 

Main Skillset

Data Analysis, Visualization

Focal Point



Issued within 3-5 days of the sudden onset disaster, or of an L3 declaration


Reliefweb response, e-mail, print, MailChimp


HCT, Cluster member agencies, Government, I/NGOs, Donors, CSOs, HQ

Data Sources

Clusters, HCT members and organizations, I/NGOs, government agencies, FTS