Humanitarian Response Plan


Humanitarian response plans (HRPs) are required for any humanitarian crisis requiring the support of more than one agency and are prepared by humanitarian country teams (HCTs) based on a humanitarian needs overview. This HRP provides the Humanitarian Country Team’s shared understanding of the crisis, including the most pressing humanitarian needs, and reflects its joint humanitarian response planning.

IM Input/Task

Lead in data collection/assessment, support in data analysis, and provide graphs, maps and figures

Main Skillset

Data Analysis, Visualization

Focal Point



Produced twice a year to support the HCT in developing a shared understanding of the impact and evolution of a crisis and to inform response planning.

Ideally, the OCHA office should have a timeline or work plan for the entire HPC with clear deadlines and responsibilities.   


Reliefweb response, e-mail, print, MailChimp


HCT, Cluster member agencies, Government, I/NGOs, Donors, CSOs, HQ

Data Sources

Clusters, HCT members and organizations, I/NGOs, government agencies, FTS


Guidance Package: 2023 HRP template (different languages)

Essential reading on HRP for IMOs



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