Humanitarian Needs Overview


Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) presents a comprehensive analysis of the overall situation and associated needs. It builds and expands upon the needs analysis chapter of the former CAP document, consisting of a discrete step in the implementation of the programme cycle. Its development is a shared responsibility among all humanitarian actors, requiring strong collaboration between programme and information management staff as well as support from the OCHA country office and the inter-cluster coordination mechanism.

IM Input/Task

Lead in data collection/assessment, support in data analysis, and provide graphs, maps and figures

Main Skillset

Data Analysis, Visualization

Focal Point



Produced twice a year to support the HCT in developing a shared understanding of the impact and evolution of a crisis and to inform response planning.

Distribution, e-mail, print, MailChimp, Reliefweb 


HCT, Cluster member agencies, Government, I/NGOs, Donors, CSOs, HQ

Data Sources

Clusters, HCT members and organizations, I/NGOs, government agencies, FTS


Guidance Package: 2021 HNO template

More templates in different languages

Essential reading on HNO for IMOs

JAIF Trainings (components of these trainings include French and Spanish versions)



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