Infectious Disease Events


A response to an infectious disease event might seem unique however the process of information management should remain the same with only a few exceptions:

  • Planning - Reach out to your WHO or Health Cluster counterparts early in the planning process. It might take everyone time to understand the types of data, sources of data, and information that decision-makers will need. Don’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions from your HoO or health colleagues!

  • Collection - Be careful not to duplicate data collection efforts, coordinate with all actors to ensure added value to the process. Note: OCHA IMOs should not be collecting or analyzing epidemiological data that should be left to health professionals. OCHA IMOs should be aggregating data from multiple sources to understand the bigger picture. 

  • Processing - Consider working with health data experts when processing health-related data and review data responsibility guidelines to ensure personal data is and otherwise sensitive data are managed appropriately@not shared.

  • Analysis - Once you go past descriptive analysis subject matter experts are necessary for in-depth explanatory, interpretive and anticipatory analysis

  • Dissemination - Work with a subject matter expert in the design of products and key messages.


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