This is a sample map developed using MS PowerPoint.

This page covers how to create simple maps using Microsoft PowerPoint and which standard templates to use for PowerPoint maps.


Using MS PowerPoint, users can create simple boundary maps to be inserted in reports or printed to facilitate meetings. For field offices where there are no IMOs or in time of emergency where IMOs are busy with time-consuming tasks, HAOs can create or edit existing PowerPoint maps for their use such as highlighting affected areas, indicating areas included in field assessments, or show direction of population movements, etc.

Steps to create a map in PowerPoint:

With ArcGIS software:

  • Add the administrative boundary and other shapefiles (towns, water bodies, etc.,) desired.

  • Assign the proper symbology and label for each shapefile

  • When satisfied with the extent of the map and layer arrangement, export the map from GIS as Enhanced Metafile pictures (.EMF)


Or, using EMF files provided with Administrative Boundary CODs:

  • download the appropriate EMF files:



  • Open the PowerPoint template (available in the ‘guidance’ section at right) and insert the EMF file as a ‘picture’.

  • Right-click on the inserted picture and click on the Group > Ungroup option. This will make each point, line, polygon and label feature of the map editable. (You will get a warning that you want to convert the picture to Microsoft Office drawing objects; click yes.)


Steps to edit a map in PowerPoint:

  • Display the Selection Pane from the Home tab of MS Power Point, this makes the list of drawing objects visible. (The Selection Pane should be available in the ‘Select’ pull-down menu in the ‘Editing’ section of the Home tab.)

  • Right-click on the feature (point, line or polygon) you want to edit.

  • Change the color, thickness, etc. of the selected feature from the Format tab using Shape Fill/Outline and OCHA color palette from the template.

  • Copy-paste humanitarian icons, inset globes, insert arrows, etc. to show movement direction, insert text box or callouts to add short explanatory text, etc.

  • Save.



  • PowerPoint map template.pptx

  • World map PowerPoint template

  • Country infographic kit

  • Infographic PowerPoint template

  • Making PowerPoint Maps with ArcGIS Pro 3.x

    • Guidance:

    • Example: