Social Media


OCHA uses a number of social media for different purposes at corporate, regional and country level. Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used social media at regional and country level.

List of social media in use at corporate level

Role of IMOs

Preparing content for social media and social media monitoring is mainly the responsibility of the communications unit. However, IMOs can provide support in a number of ways. These include:

  • Recreate maps and infographics in a size suitable for web interface

One-column map size example

  • Resize and/or crop photos, maps and infographics

  • Maintain proportion (aspect ratio) of distorted images

  • Enhance image quality

  • Improve image resolution

  • Advise on the selection of image formats (best image quality vs manageable file size)

Basic tips and tools

  • Crop tool and Snipping tool to take screenshots of images

  • Hold Shift key when resizing images/maps to maintain proportion of width and height

  • Keep it simple. Avoid applying visual effects to images such as shadow, glow, reflection or 3D effects