COD Portal


OCHA routinely evaluates the quality and availability of Common Operational Databases. The results of this analysis can be found on the COD Portal.

The Portal documents: 

  1. The quality of administrative boundary (COD-AB) layers and population statistics (COD-PS) tables, and

  2. Their availability on HDX and for COD-AB as an ITOS geoservices.  The portal is generally refreshed after any COD-AB or COD-PS is added or updated. 

The portal has the following pages:

  1. Country information - containing a matrix of all countries and general COD-AB and COD-PS characteristics including evaluations

  2. COD metadata for any country highlighted by the user in the Country information page including information such as evaluations for each administrative level

  3. Global COD statistics


Evaluations are based on the COD-AB Standards and Process and COD-PS Standards and Process.