Instructions for testing HAPI V1

Documentation for HAPI V1 is available here including code examples:

The ReadTheDocs for HAPI is public and so does not contain the API URL in both the text and the code examples.  Please replace https://placeholder.url with to get the testing links.

Technical documentation is available and includes a test environment for querying the API:

The root of the API is:

Current status

In HAPI V1 two themes have been added, 3W and Population for 3 countries. In addition, supporting tables such as admin divisions, sector names and age ranges are also present.

The data in the API represents the most current data as of the time of deployment. It is not yet possible to query by date to get historical data, and the data is not automatically updated in this testing version.

Please do not use the API in any public facing products and please note that as the product is still under development the endpoints should not be considered stable and are subject to change.


Please make use of the documentation to get started on the API. It should contain all you need, but it is a work in progress. If anything in the documentation is not clear, please ask in the Slack channel (see the email you received) for guidance.

The API can either be queried via a script or using the test environment here:

Possible queries to make

Here are some suggested queries to make use of the API. 



What countries are currently supported?

See the answer

Get a dataset of all the 3W operational presence projects in Kabul (adm1) in the health sector?

See the answer

What are the sector names?

See the answer

What is the under 5, female population of Awka North in Nigeria?

See the answer

Possible analysis using data from the API

These suggestions would require further processing of the data

Which areas of Afghanistan have more females than males?

Which are the 5 most populous in Nigeria areas for children as a percentage?

What sector has the most organisations working in Mali?

How many admin2 levels are there in Afghanistan?


Please provide feedback in the Slack channel (see the email you received for the link). The HAPI team will convert them into tickets.