Updating FAQ

FAQ pages in HDX

The FAQ pages in HDX can be easily updated via a WP plugin “FAQs”.

Pages that can be updated:

Inside each FAQ via WP we can update only the sections and the answers associated with them. Some FAQs don’t have sections: Data licenses and Terms of Service.

Bellow is an example of what is editable:

Prerequisites of editing the FAQ

  • Login to Strattic

  • Click on the site you want to edit (either HDX Centre or HDX Centre Dev) and hit “Edit in WP”

  • Login to WP

  • Go to the FAQs plugin in the left side menu

How can I change an Answer?

  • Select All FAQs

  • Search for the Answer you want to edit (eg. “What if I forget my username and password?” from the “Getting Started” category)

  • Click on the Answer link

  • Edit the Answer and hit Update


If you need to change categories check the guide on how to add a new Answer on the section where how to set the category is described.

How can I add a new Category?

Eg. let’s add a new category in the Main FAQ under Sensitive Data called “Where can I find the sensitive data types?”


  • Select “FAQ Categories”

  • In the “Add new Category” fill the Name (title of the answer)

  • The “Slug” needs to be prefixed with the FAQs prefix (eg. for Main FAQ is “hdx-faq-”, for Resources for Developers is “hdx-resources-devs”, etc), you can quickly see the prefix by checking the main category and it’s children in the right side where all categories are listed:

  • After you find the prefix (in our case “hdx-faq-”) complete the slug with words from the title (in our case “hdx-faq-where-sensitive-data-types“)

  • Choose the Parent FAQ Category, HDX FAQ in our case

  • It should look like:

  • Hit “Add New FAQ Category”


How can I add a new Answer?

Eg. let’s add a new answer in the Main FAQ under Getting started called “What if I forget my username and password?”

  • Select Add New FAQ

  • Fill in Title, Content

  • When choosing the FAQ Categories be sure to select the category corresponding to the section where the Answer should be.

    • (note) If you are adding an Answer to a FAQ without sections (eg. HDX Terms of Service) you will see a default category called the same as the FAQ name + Content and in brackets (eg. “[HDX Terms of Service Content]”

  • After choosing just the relevant category (only one checkbox checked), you can hit the “Publish” button

How do I publish the changes so I can see them on HDX?

  • Go to Strattic → Publish options


  • Choose Quick Publish to Live