COD Tutorial: How to create a high quality COD-AB

A step by step guide to developing an Administrative Boundary COD with the same quality as a COD-AB that has been processed by ITOS can be found in the document below.

ITOS White Paper: COD Evaluation and Candidate Creation

Instructions include:

1) Data Pre-processing
1.1 Admin layers downloaded
1.2 Related datasets noted
1.3 Data Source is known
1.4 Encoding is in UTF-8 or higher
1.5 Projection is defined, correct and consistent
1.6 Admin layers are closed polygons
1.7 Data extent is correct
1.8 Admin layers are numbered/named consistently
1.9 Admin layer file names follow the OCHA Naming Convention
1.10 Metadata is included

2) Data Characteristics and Attribution
2.1 Name and p-code fields exist for each layer
2.2 Only essential fields are included
2.3 Admin0 Name uses UN Short Name
2.4 Field names are clear
2.5 Field names used consistently across all Admin layers
2.6 Reference name field exists if necessary
2.7 Reference name field attributed correctly
2.8 Attribute names in Proper Case, not ALL CAPS
2.9 P-code uses a National system code
2.10 P-codes are fully constructed
2.11 Name and p-code fields of higher levels are included

3) Spatial Relationship, Topology, and Post-Merge Procedures
3.1 ITOS Lookup Tables created
3.2 COD Layers merged to ITOS schema
3.3 Known issues/errors fixed
3.4 There are no missing polygons
3.5 Multipart geometry check
3.6 Alternate language fields analyzed
3.7 P-codes are unique
3.8 P-code attribution is consistent
3.9 Admin Names checked for uniqueness
3.10 P-code attribution is consistent across all layers
3.11 Admin Name attribution is consistent across all layers
3.12 Topology of each layer is clean
3.13 Admin layers are nested by geometry
3.14 Admin layers are nested by attribution
3.15 Errors fixed
3.16 Admin lines and points layers have been built
3.17 Admin lines topology checked
3.18 Admin layers recreated from lines and points if necessary
3.19 Additional errors fixed
3.20 Additional issues reported

4) Create Candidate GDB
4.1 Working GDB copied and renamed
4.2 Candidate GDB consists of Admin layers only
4.3 Schemas have been cleaned
4.4 Admin layers renamed
4.5 Metadata updated/created
4.6 Excel spreadsheets created

5) Post Candidate to IMO
5.1 Candidate has been packaged
5.2 Candidate uploaded to dropbox