HDX Tutorial: How to Add Data to the HDX platform

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to ‘Add Data’- Click on ‘Add Data’ from anywhere on HDX.
    You will be required to login to add a dataset on HDX.Data on HDX is shared through organisations. You need to be a member of an organisation (with appropriate privileges) before you can add data.
  2. Attach Resources (Files)
    Drag & drop your files OR select how you would like to import data (i.e. , Dropbox, Google Drive, API/URLs). These files will attach to one dataset.
    Alternatively, you can “Browse files” on your desktop, connect to Google Drive / Dropbox or import data from APIs/URLs.
  3. Add Details - Your Files
    Under Your Files, fill out file type and add description (optional)
    1. Add Details - Privacy / Dataset Title
      - Select privacy setting.
      - Fill out title of dataset and description (optional).
      - To make the sharing easier with your colleagues, less fields are required if you choose to share privately
    2. Add Details - Metadata
      - Fill out all required fields based on your privacy settings.
      - When finished, press ‘Submit’. You will be forwarded to the dataset page.
    3. To make the data contribution easier, some fields are pre-populated. Please make changes as necessary
      - Update Frequency - You will be asked to provide an update frequency for publicly shared datasets. When the time comes, HDX will send a reminder to update your dataset
  4. When finished, press ‘Submit’
    Your entry will be lost if you close the window prior to submitting.