Country-specific CODs (COD-CS)


Country-specific CODs (COD-CS) represent local hazards and operational requirements such as key infrastructure that could be impacted or used during relief operations such as schools, health facilities, and refugee camps, or topographical data such as rivers, land cover and elevation.

Country-specific CODs are one of the two types of CODs. The other type is Core CODs (COD-AB, COD-PS, and COD-HP).

The appropriate types of COD-CS depend on the nature and context of a country or emergency. See the following pages for further guidance.

Databases must satisfy various conditions to be eligible for the ‘COMMON OPERATIONAL DATASET - COD’ HDX tag. See Identifying a COD.

What is expected from IMO/COD focal person?

  • Make COD-CS agenda item for IMWG - generic presentation to facilitate discussion on COD-CS

  • Have the COD-CS ready (identified, processed and cleaned) before any disaster hits