Contact Lists


A database, whether online or offline that provide the name, organization, cluster, email, telephone number and location of actors working in an emergency or country. Outlook address book, Outlook shared mailbox, UN iNeed platform are used to manage contacts and distribution lists, MailChimp to manage campaign lists, matrices are also used for contact lists management as well.

IM Input/Task

Compile, update and manage contact list information 

Main Skillset

Content Management

Focal Point



As need arises; Part of preparedness activities to keep contact list updated.  

Distribution, e-mail, print, MailChimp


HCT, Cluster member agencies, IMOs, Government, I/NGOs, Donors, CSOs, HQ 

Data Sources

Cluster IMOs, HCT members and organizations, partners


Guidance Package: for contact management guidelines, sample SOPs and templates check this link