IM ToolboxCore CODs (COD-AB, COD-PS, COD-HP)



Core CODs are critical for information and data products and to underpin effective coordination and should be prepared for all disaster-prone countries.

(Core CODs are one of the two types of CODs. The other type is Country-specific CODs (COD-CS).)

There are three types of core COD:

  1. Administrative boundaries (COD-AB) ,

  2. Sex and age-disaggregated population statistics (COD-PS) , and

  3. Humanitarian profiles (COD-HP) .

Refer to the COD Portal for information about the availability and quality and for metadata for Core COD datasets.

Core CODs are being prepared for all disaster-prone countries and countries with ongoing emergencies or protracted humanitarian operations. They are the first datasets required by all when responding to a humanitarian situation.


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