Adding or Updating Visualizations on HDX

Current HDX path for visualizations:<name-of-visualization>

Adding new visualizations

All visualizations that are ready to go to production (and eventually embedded into ckan pages) will follow these steps:

  1. Work on a personal github repo until ready for production
  2. Import or fork your github repo into OCHA-DAP organisation github account; the name of the repo must be identical to the path you want to be visible under and prefixed with "viz-", for example if you want to be displayed as, you need to import it as
  3. Setup or ask Serban to setup the github pages on the repo by displaying the content of branch "gh-pages"

Updating visualizations

  1. Work on dev branch in OCHA-DAP visualization repo. Test locally until you think all looks good.
  2. Create a pull request from dev branch to gh-pages branch and ask a review from another person (data team, dev team, ops team).
  3. When the merge is complete, the visualization will be updated on production.

Verify your work in production

  1. Test if the visualization looks good at
  2. It is likely that you would have to solve the CORS headers issue (make sure the viz is visible directly at github pages above AND at embedded page and at the current visualization path.

How to use the visualization

Always make sure you use and not (for obvious SEO reasons).