HDX Monitoring

Pingdom checks

NameCheck everyImportanceDown afterAlert afterAlert when upResend
HDX Blog5 minutesHigh30s (max)5 minutesYesNever
HDX CKAN1 minuteHigh30s (max)2 minutesYesNever
Supporting Services5 minutesHigh30s (max)InstantlyYes40 cycles
NGINX1 minuteHigh30s (max)2 minutesYesNever
Main Entrypoint1 minuteHigh30s (max)2 minutesYesNever
HXL Proxy1 minuteLow30s (max)3 minutesYesNever

HDX Blog: checks if the Centre blog is online

  • URL: https://centre.humdata.org/
  • Alert who: HDX Team, OPS Team

HDX CKAN: check the ckan instance

  • URL: https://data.humdata.org/
  • Alert who: HDX Team

HDX Supporting Services Check: check the service dependencies (gis, redis, etc)

  • URL: https://data.humdata.org/api/action/run_checks
  • Alert who: HDX Team
  • Check for string: should not contain "Failed"
  • User-Agent: HDX-CHECKER

HDX NGINX PRODUCTION: checks nginx functionality (a minimal static page)

  • URL: https://humdata.org/ping.html
  • Alert who: HDX Team

HDX MAIN ENTRYPOINT: checks redirection is working

  • URL: https://humdata.org/
  • Alert who: HDX Team

HXL Proxy: checks HXL Proxy main site