Draft HDX Team Crisis SOP






Event is coming

Data Audit
Tie with event name (twitter)
send tweet with link to data and incl image incl @unocha
contact RO/CO IMO

Create a search query and add to trending bar.  Query logic is: Datasets where (country is an affected country AND tags include cod) OR (tag is one of the disaster specific tags), sorted by last_modified.  Example.

IF EST Godfrey leads with Aidan as backup)
if it occurs in European timezone Javier with CJ as backup to see can we pick it up.

We need to maintain a list of imo focal points per office


Janet O'Callaghan would be the contact to know who the FP in country is. Fall back = Craig Williams.

Event Hits

Active monitoring (news / twitter)
Adding data with event tag
Data outreach to orgs


Event not an issue

No reported deaths

No request for international response


Event is big

Tag Data with glide number (from R/W) short url with crisis name

Expedite crisis orgs (6 Hour sla)

id data for Crisis page (toplines + data viz)

clean data check pcodes (toplines and dataviz from ocha sit

Add "red Banner"  

Add search "trending" note we may automate this